Why is baking with Papa Baker easy and delicious?

An afternoon siesta with a cup of your favorite coffee naturally calls for a homemade dessert! It may seem like it takes a lot of time and effort to bake something delicious. However, this does not apply to our brand products at all. Papa Baker baking ingredients allow you to prepare delicacies with minimal time and turn routine work in the kitchen into a pleasant activity.

Quick, simple and tasty

these are the main criteria for using Papa Baker products. Crisp and airy dough? Not a problem! Thanks to our unique baking powder. Why is Papa Baker baking powder so good? In just a few minutes, this product will help you make homemade cakes incredibly fluffy. In addition, Papa Baker baking powder is very easy to use, making it a truly indispensable helper in your kitchen. Of course, baking is not complete without baking soda. Papa Baker baking soda is a great helper in creating crumbly cookies and fluffy pastries. Perfectly swells the dough, contributes to a quick and significant increase in its volume.

Quality yeast but no smell

Instant dry yeast is the best solution for making fluffy pastries without a strong yeast smell. One bag of this product replaces 25 g of fresh yeast. Dry yeast is used in the ratio of 1 bag per 500 grams of flour.

Let’s make life sweeter

Papa Baker is pleased to offer a range of sugars to all fans of home baking – these products will instantly make the taste of baking more intense and refined. It is produced in two variants: with cinnamon and with vanilla. Such an original approach will save the hosts time from searching for suitable spices. Cinnamon sugar is great for preparing and decorating not only baked goods, but also a wide range of drinks, while vanilla sugar is indispensable for preparing delicious cakes and muffins. It is widely used by modern culinary specialists as an addition to various desserts, as well as to cover sweets. In addition, it perfectly adjusts the taste of refreshing fruit cocktails and tea.

Fast but quality cream

Cream stiffeners are used to whip a firm and delicious cream. Whipped cream is one of the most used and popular confectionery products ever. The stiffener does not necessarily have to be used only in whipped cream, but also in Mascarpone or pudding.

Papa Baker – Our products

Baking soda

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Vanillin sugar

Whipped cream stiffener

Cinnamon sugar

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